What is a Break? 

A break is an exciting way of collecting sports cards. At Sports Cards Australia (Legend of the Cards Break Team) we regularly open sealed packs, boxes and even cases. When we’re running a break, we open a set amount of sealed products, and set aside every card to be dispatched to the participants whom have entered. 


What is a Hit?

A hit is, for the most part, all cards in a product excluding the main base set cards. These could be autographs, memorabilia, short printed and numbered parallels and variants, case hits and more. 


What do you break?

A whole range of products! We have weekly  breaks for all the NBA and NFL fans, plus try to add in Soccer & Baseball also.


When do you break? 

All break times are Adelaide time! (ACST/ACDST)

These are usually on Friday evenings but can be on any random day due to popularity.

Tune in during the start of each stream to see the schedule!


What is a Pick Your Team Break vs a Random Team Break? 

Pick Your Team:

The total cost of the break is tiered in a way which represents how likely that team is to hit a card of significant value. For example, in the 2017-18 NBA Season, the Celtics are heavily favoured because of top Rookie Jayson Tatum and in 2018-19 the Mavericks are the same due to Luka Doncic. This applies to the New Orleans Pelicans with Zion Willamson and Memphis due to Ja Morant.


Everyone pays the same amount and the teams are randomly allocated! 


How do I buy a spot in a break? 

Spots are sold via the website at https://sportscardsandaccessories.com.au/ in the ‘Group Breaks’ section.


When are breaks listed?

Breaks are listed randomly during the day or once stock has been confirmed.

In terms of product based box or case breaks, the first run will be listed once a product is announced and then as demand dictates for subsequent breaks.

Continue to keep an eye on the website or in Facebook to stay up to date!


How do I know what team I get in a Random Team Break?

Your name is entered into one of the 30 positions on the Spots list where you first purchase your break from. The 30 NBA teams are then randomised using “Random.org” a number of times. 

The newly randomised list of NBA teams is then pasted to correspond against your name in the original list. For example, if you are in “Spot #1” you will have the team in first place, and on top of the list after the team randomisation process.

Due to the unpredictability of technology and potential errors which can occur, sometimes lists of participants may contain errors. Names who do not become fulfilled automatically will be added to the end of the list. The list of names are not final until the end of the randomisation process.

After each draw is finalised, the names will be visible on the website and in Facebook Group 

What is the difference between a Case, Multi-Box and Single-Box Break?

Case Break – A sealed from manufacturer case of product. This is often highlighted by the chance to find a “1 per case” hit. 

Multi-Box Break – A set amount of boxes, often between 2 – 5. This gives a chance to have hits from across different products, and different seasons.

Single-Box Break – Usually a high-end product, with very few, but extremely collectable hits.


How do I watch the  Breaks?

All breaks are streamed live on Facebook 



If you do happen to miss the live streamed break, you’ll be able to watch it on replay as soon as the show ends.  


When will I receive my hits?

All breaks are prepared and dispatched weekly. All hits are sent in bubble mailers. 


Can I pick my cards up? 

You definitely can. Please either comment during the break, message us via the Facebook Group or contact us via the website.


What happens in the situation of where there are two or more players on the same card? 

In terms of cards where there two or more players on a card the card can either 

It will be randomised between all parties on the card e.g a card featuring a Hawks player and a Bulls player will be randomised between the two teams. A card featuring two Hawks and one Bull will be randomised still with the Hawks receiving two chances in the randomisation. 99% of multi-player cards will apply to this rule.


What happens to “error” cards?

Sometimes cards come out of a box with a factory error. Usually this is a simple miss-cut or an error in colour however sometimes cards come out with different players on the card/ 

Error cards will be given to the team who has highest claim on the card. e.g a card which has one player on the back and a different player on the front due to a printing error will go the Player on the front. Error cards will always go to the person who has the autograph on the front.


How do I get my hit placed into a one-touch? 

Comment during the live stream and let the team know, or message our Facebook page at any time before it’s shipped! They’ll then place your card in a one-touch after you’ve purchased one on the website. If you’re unsure which size is required, one of our team will certainly be able to help you out – just ask.